War Ender

Welcome to the official website for the upcoming video game War Ender, created by Lance Talbert. Join the Outsider Resistance Movement and combat those who threaten The City's prosperity!

War Ender is an upcoming video game where players assume the role of Red, known within the The City as "the greatest fighter." After Outsiders attacked and killed some of Red's friends, our hero determined to eradicate The City of The Outsiders and thus joined The Outsider Resistance Movement. This endeavor was started by Cyrus, the CEO of Cycorp, and promises safety and security from The Outsiders. However, the only way to keep such a promise is to wipe out The Outsiders...

character weapon.png

Red has earned his title due to his great speed and even greater aim, matched only by his ferocity and undying spirit. Even those beyond The City have heard of Red's amazing accomplishments. After joining The Outsider Resistance Movement, Red received a recently completed weapon from Cycorp that gave Red powerful energy shots, unlimited ammo, and even the ability to defy gravity. With this, his physical might, and his ferocious persona, The Outsiders don't stand a chance!




At thirteen years old, Lance Talbert received a book as a Christmas present that would later reveal to him a dream to become a video game developer. Since then, whether it be during game jams or simply on his own schedule, Lance has created several games spanning different genres and themes. Later on, thanks to his musical background, he would pick up the skill of music composition, using it to write original video game soundtracks. Lance is now bringing all these skills (and then some) together to create War Ender. He would like to thank his wife, Katy, for her undying support and extreme tolerance of his actions.


You can follow Lance at his Twitter handle (@prof_smash) and enjoy his mad ramblings there.